Our Story

As with a lot of products, HeadWare’s story is inextricably intertwined with our own stories and our own lives. We are, to put it simply, active people. Often times if mud, sun, sweat and dust aren’t part of our week, then something’s wrong, and you need to medevac us from the office. Our sports take us to dusty roads, into hot and cold temperate zones, up into the air in Para gliders and kites, and down below the earth in caves. We needed something to keep our hair in place, the sweat out of our eyes, and the elements from ruining our experience. With momentary distractions able to cause serious, even life-threatening consequences in some of the sports we pursue, the products we produce allow us to give 100% concentration to our pursuits with the minimum of effort. And, we, have to admit, don’t mind looking stylish to boot, if we have the choice, so we made sure HeadWare gave people the choice.

HeadWare offers enthusiasts the ability to enjoy their pursuits, be it mountain biking, adventure racing, wind and flying sports, motorcycling, kayaking and others, with a minimum of hassle, keeping hair in place, providing a layer to wick away the sweat that a hot helmet can bring forth, and can serve as a mask and cover to keep out the sun, dust and unwanted elements. Our list of uses for this deceptively simple-looking product have topped twenty, and more are concocted all the time. This is the bandana of the millennium, the multi-tool for the future.







HeadWare began distribution in March 2010 in the Philippines, with the number of stores offering our product line increasing exponentially with every week. With our lively designs affordability and high quality catching the attention of shoppers everywhere, it wasn’t long before vendors in Bali, Indonesia and Australia, amongst other places, started stocking our eye catching offerings. Ask us at the end of this year where we are selling our wares, and you will undoubtedly need another paragraph to accommodate the new stores and places we’ve branched out to.

Our catalog started out with a few simple designs on fabric we could get our hands on. Now, our catalog spans 21 pages, an ever-expanding line of models and designs, and even the option for interested parties to have their self-designed patterns produced into their own custom creations. HeadWare products initially have focused around things worn on the head, designs that make you comfortable, relaxed, and able to concentrate on the task at hand with a clear mind. Our products have been used by our devotees in a multitude of customized ways, matched by the user to their life, activity and personality.






With HeadWare, our vision is a simple one; to develop functional and useful products that allow people to enjoy to the fullest the active life they seek in earnest to pursue, without distractions that take away from this enjoyment, and are, in our opinion, easily controllable. Why let minor factors such as the dust, sweat and loose hair ruin your activity or sport of choice, when an easy solution is at hand?

HeadWare allows athletes and enthusiasts to give 100 percent of their attention to the things that matter in our active lifestyle, while giving people a range of good- looking options to accentuate and punctuate their daily wardrobes. While we feel assured with the notion that our test pilots have brought HeadWare to the gates of Hell and back with sports such as B.A.S.E. Jumping and Ultra Marathon Running, we know that the vast majority of times that we reach for HeadWare are for decidedly mellower pursuits such as yoga and other mainstream sports that benefit equally from our products simple and effective purpose: to keep you in the game



Being proud parents ourselves, we know the necessity of keeping those little angelic faces safe from the sun, dust and other elements. That’s why, this 2011, HeadWare will offer a wide variety of models in grommet size, from our basic HeadWare, to our visor and cap, in a range of fun patterns that kids will want to wear.